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Dear Friends!

Please excuse my unusual yet sincere request.

It doesn't matter what your belief system is, what nationality you are or where you live. We are all one human race sharing the same planet. We may pretend that it will be all right tomorrow or it won't effect us but the fact of the matter is, Our planet is 'bleeding to death' as a result of petroleum pollutions in the oceans, industrial pollutions on land, chem-trail sprays in our skies and continuous wars, decades of Nuclear tests both on land and in the sea and now UNSTOPPABLE nuclear Disaster at the Fukushima power plant Threatening the very EXISTENCE of Life here on earth. The core of one of the power plants still out of control 2 years after the accident continuously polluting the Pacific, Indian ocean and our atmosphere with dangerous levels of radiation.

These radiations levels in the west coast of the USA, as a result of the Fukushima has already reached critical levels where it is no longer safe to eat fish caught in those waters.

There is a total media blackout in Japan related to the deaths among younger generation due to this:…

 Fish, mammals and animals are dying in huge numbers.

Japan is importing Fish and other produce from Turkey and other Mediterranean countries... And I can go on endlessly on countless other reports. 


The Governments don't care about the people, let alone about our planet. Scientists globally agree that we have gone past the point of no return. The point towards total extinction. Our civilization has not been the first and it won't be the last but despite all this hopelessness there is something you and I can do Now to help save the human race from being totally destroyed.


You don't have to believe in the Raelian philosophy to sign this petition but by signing it, we show our willingness to accept the help of a Highly Advanced Civilisation who have literally 'Created us in their image' and who have humbly offered to help us at this *Critical Time*.

 We have absolutely nothing to lose by signing this petition and all to gain for.


PLEASE SIGN by clicking the link below:…



Also PLEASE help spread the message to all your friends while we still have time!




I came across this information while browsing the net and thought somebody might take up the challenge if they choose and earn some cash along the way.
I am not affiliated or paid by anyone to post this info so hope it will be use to someone who is interested in this sort of thing!
Unfortunately only 5 days remaining.
Amazon Studios is looking for an animation character designer or comic book artist to create original character designs for "For Sale By Superhero", a family comedy project currently in active development at Amazon Studios. These character designs will be made available for use by directors and storyboard artists applying for an upcoming For Sale By Superhero animatic test movie Open Directing Assignment. (…)

Five artists engaged by Amazon Studios will initially receive $300 per character to create up to three designs (up to a total of $900); of those five artists, one will be selected to move forward with three additional designs at a rate of $300 per character. If a test movie utilizing those character designs goes into production, that designer can earn an additional $1,200 for four more designs.

To be considered, you must submit your portfolio, in a single PDF-format document, at least 150dpi, and no larger than 50mb. It should include all of the following:

Contact Info – Include your full name, phone number, and email address
Résumé – Include a list of your prior work
Art Samples – A selection of your past work that best communicates your suitability for this assignment. You may additionally include a link to your online portfolio.
The Assignment Details describe important additional terms regarding this opportunity.

Assignment Details
We are looking for 5 artists to engage as independent contractors to prepare character designs for For Sale by Superhero.
The submission deadline is 11:59 PM Pacific Time on June 18, 2012. We suggest you give yourself plenty of time to submit; please don't wait until the last minute.
For this opportunity, your first proposal will be the only one considered. Please review your submission carefully before clicking "Submit."
If we like the submitted materials from an artist, we may contact that artist to enter into a services agreement with Amazon Studios that will detail the milestones, our approval/acceptance process related to the submitted materials and potential schedule for payments to be made to the artist, as well as other terms of the engagement. To receive any funding from Amazon Studios, the artist will be required to enter into an independent contractor agreement with Amazon Studios. We expect to contact that artist within 8 weeks after reviewing proposals.
Subject to the terms of the services agreement, Amazon Studios intends to pay those artist(s) as follows:
USD $900 for a set of three character designs.
We may select one artist to create:
Up to three additional character designs at a rate of USD $300 per design.
If the director of a For Sale by Superhero test movie chooses to use the selected artist's designs, and we put that test movie into production, up to four additional character designs at a rate of USD $300 per design.
If we use the artist's designs in a test movie distributed on Amazon Studios, the artist will receive credit as Character Designer in that test movie.
To submit, artists must have an Amazon Studios account that has not been terminated or suspended, and must be sure to carefully review, agree to and not be in breach of, the Amazon Studios Account Agreement.
Submitted materials will be evaluated by the Amazon Studios development staff for quality and creativity. Amazon Studios reserves the sole and exclusive right to make any and all decisions pertaining to submitted materials and its determinations are final, binding, and not subject to challenge or appeal.
Over 200 senior bankers arrested last week as new financial system goes online.
The new financial system is online now and abundant financing is either already or soon to be made available, according to dragon family representatives. The final take down of the criminal cabal has also begun in earnest with over 200 senior bankers arrested and 450 resigned last week alone, these sources say. Japan is also now doing the final paperwork needed to set up an international economic planning agency with an initial funding facility of $10 trillion or about 200 times what the World Bank lends every year, according to Japanese government sources. There will be some sort of announcement about this and other things on Tuesday evening, March 27th, 2012 Japan Standard Time according to illuminati and White Dragon Society sources. The arrest of some very high profile individuals is imminent.

Here is another confirmation of this on youtube:…